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Европа на вилке 2017 и другие события июня.

В июне, и вы не будете скучать во Вроцлаве. Ближайшие дни будут вновь полные развлечений. Добро пожаловать в Вроцлав!

В июне, и вы не будете скучать во Вроцлаве. Ближайшие дни будут вновь полные развлечений. Добро пожаловать в Вроцлав!

9. Edition of the Europe on the Fork Festival

31st May – 4th June 2017


  • 31st May– 4th June European and Regional Produce Fair
  • 31st May– 4th June Cook Book Fair at Tajne Komplety Bookshop and meet-the-author sessions at Klub Proza
  • 31st May– 4th June Municipal Library Marathon
  • 2nd – 4th June Cinematic Europe on the Fork – foodie film review at the Nowe Horyzonty Cinema
  • 3rd June main day of the festival – European Feast
  • 3rd June open-air restaurant Dinner in the Sky
  • 3rd June – 4th June FOOD o’clock & BEER o’clock Festival at Mieszczański Brewery


  • Rynek (central area and Przejście Garncarskie), Wrocław
  • Plac Solny, Wrocław
  • Mieszczański Brewery, Wrocław
  • Nowe Horyzonty Cinema, Wrocław
  • Municipal Library (selected branches), Wrocław

The beginning of June in Wrocław brings an annual cooking celebration: Europe on the Fork. The European feast was first held on 4th June 2009, when Wrocław celebrated the twentieth anniversary of the first free parliamentary election in Poland. The residents of Wrocław have embraced it so much that it is now a regular feature in the city’s calendar. Piotr Bikont and Robert Makłowicz have been lending their faces to the festival for some time now.

This year’s edition starts on 31st May with the European and Regional Produce Fair, which brings a variety of delicacies for you to taste and buy from all over Europe, including Lower Silesia. The Municipal Library Marathon is also launched on the day. This annual series is designed to develop a passion for cooking in children. Throughout the Marathon selected branches of the Wrocław Municipal Library are going to host meet-the-author sessions, music workshops, cooking workshops and the Night Library Flavour including an overnight stay, shared dinner and breakfast at the library. Also on Wednesday 31st May the Cook Book Fair begins at a popular Wrocław bookshop called Tajne Komplety. Klub Proza is going to host meet-the-author sessions with Robert Makłowicz and other food writers. The audience are in for discussions with Hanna and Paweł Lis, Paweł Suwała and Aleksander Baron. All events on the day are free of charge.

3rd June (Saturday) Great European Feast*

The Great European Feast brings a variety of attractions, including bread baking workshops, children’s games and activities with Euroland and honey and coffee zones. The feast will continue to the sound of Radio ZET gold, both on air and in the Summer Zone.

Stage line-up*

  • 12.00 Intro by DJ Maciek Turowski
  • 12.15 Cooks’ parade
  • 12.30 Presentation of chefs
  • 12.45 Official launch of the festival by Piotr Bikont and Robert Makłowicz
  • 12.50 Commencement of the Great European Feast in the Market Square
  • 12.50 Piotr Bikont and Robert Makłowicz capture dishes with a camera
  • 13.20 Live show from the Zagorje Brass Quintet
  • 14.00 Competition for the public
  • 14.15 Cooking on stage – Robert Makłowicz and Wojciech Harapkiewicz, chef of the Babinicz Restaurant at the Dworzysko Hotel, cooking game
  • 14.45 Dworzysko Hotel competition
  • 14.55 Piotr Bikont and Robert Makłowicz capture dishes with a camera
  • 15.15 Live show from Janusz Yanina Iwański and his band
  • 16.15 Piotr Bikont and Robert Makłowicz capture dishes at the Fair
  • 16.30 Competition for the public
  • 16.40 Cooking on stage – Robert Makłowicz and Michał Czekajło, chef at the Browar 100 Mostów cooking with beer
  • 17.00 Competition for the public
  • 17.10 Cooking on stage – chef Jerzy Sobieniak, promoter of the “Polska Smakuje Jakością” [Poland’s Quality Flavours] cooking QAFP pork
  • 17.30 Competition for the public
  • 17.40 Cooking on stage – Przemek Bogucki, chef at the Active Hotel cooking fitness cuisine
  • 18.00 Live show from Bartnicky Band
  • 18.30 Competition for the public
  • 18.40 Coffee making demo by Etno Cafe
  • 19.00 Announcement of the results in competitions for the Best Flavour of Lower Silesia 2017 and the Flavour Master 2017 from the Wrocław Fruit Liqueur Convention
  • 19.15 Europe on a Fork layer cake
  • 20.00 Live show by the Wroclaw Respect Orchestra, featuring: Joao De Sousa (Portugal),Yana Semerenko (Ukraine), Philip Fairweather (the UK), Sam Alty (New Zealand), Keelah Rose Calloway (the USA).
  • 22.00 Closing remarks

* The hours are indicative only and may vary throughout the show.

The Zagorje Brass Quintet (Croatia) brings together young and educated musicians who perform a broad repertoire of jazz, swing and film music on world class Bach Stradivarius instruments.

Janusz Yanina Iwański and his band need no additional recommendation. Their names speak for themselves. A guitarist, composer, producer and author of the lyrics, he is known among wider audiences for his collaboration with MAANAM. He formerly performed in a duet called SOYKA YANINA. The artist is going to present a special project of his called THE BEATLES ACOUSTIC PLUS.

The Bartnicky Band is recipe for great They combine modern music with folk influences. Their leader, Bogdan Bartnicki, is a violinist and singer of Bohemian extraction. The band brings together professional musicians who combine skills with their unbridled creativity.

The Wroclaw Respect Orchestra is a unique project from Wrocław-based musicians under Mariusz Dziubek and their frontman Paweł Gołębski.

The Cinematic Europe on the Fork, a foodie cinema review, will be held at the Nowe Horyzonty Cinema from Friday 2nd June to Sunday 4th June. The programme provides for a veritable cinematic feast, including “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”, “Slow Food Story”, “Babette’s Feast”. Tickets are available at the cinema’s box office.

The festival comes to a climax on Saturday 3rd June. Feel free to join us for a variety of foodie hits from all over Europe. Wrocław-based chefs are going to showcase dishes that best represent the cuisines of 17 different countries and… one town! The limelight is on Wrocław, whose cooking traditions will be showcased with two dishes. To sample the dishes you need to buy a voucher available at the festival’s ticket office. The income from ticket sales will be used as scholarships for students from Wrocław’s catering school. Vouchers are available at 5 PLN. On the same day the Mieszczański Brewery is going to host the Food o’Clock & Beer o’Clock Festival, which is going to continue for two days. The festival brings a variety of attractions, including exhibitions, concerts, workshops, activities for children and a real feast of food truck lovers. The festival is free of charge.

Feel free to visit Wrocław’s Rynek on 3rd June to attend a show from the Wroclaw Respect Orchestra. They are going to play a variety of smashing music!

Świętojański Market 2017

Summer solstice has become an inspiration and a leitmotif of the massive Świętojański Market, to be held from 26th May to 26th June 2017. Market stalls open at 10 am.

Fortune-telling, magic, mysterious signs are just a foretaste of what is going to happen on Midsummer’s Eve on 23rd June. Summer solstice brings a magical night celebrated by ancient Slavs as the feast of fire and water. The most important rituals of the evening involved burning a fire and immersing in water. Midsummer Night was also a celebration of love and fertility. A scandalising event, it was banished from the pulpit as a celebration teeming with dance and fire, obscenities, wooing and superstition.


Summer solstice has become an inspiration and a leitmotif of the massive Świętojański Market, to be held from 26th May to 26th June 2017. The installation of the market stalls began on 19th May and is expected to continue for a week.

Wrocław’s Rynek and adjacent ul Świdnicka will be lined with stalls offering regional products and local delicacies.

Non-food articles

Artistic ceramics, regional products (also from the mountains), souvenirs, decorations, handicrafts, beauty products, leather goods, jewellery, hand-made products, souvenir cups


Catering, including barbecue, pancakes, waffles, ice cream, etc. Groceries, including chocolate-coated fruits, oscypek cheese, honey and spices.

Świętojańskie Gardens

The area around the Pillory will be transformed into Świętojańskie Gardens to provide a patch of greenery where shoppers can relax away from hustle and bustle of the city.


  • A florist show is scheduled on 10th June. Compositions will be presented by master florists: Agnieszka Mitko-Kominek and Marek Kucharski.
  • Attractions for children (suitable for their parents, too) begin on 11th June at 1 pm. Participants will be taken to the seaside as they attend a beach party. There are more attractions to come, including a creativity zone for children and competitions throughout the day.
  • 18th June is all about garlands and florist competition. A florist workshop is scheduled between 2 pm and 4 pm. A garland weaving competition starts at 5 pm. The winners will receive attractive awards.

Admission is free.

Gordon Parks: I Use My Camera as a Weapon

Feel free to visit the Contemporary Museum Wrocław and savour the exhibitions “Gordon Parks: I Use My Camera as a Weapon”.

  • Sneak preview: 2nd June (Friday), 6 pm, free admission
  • The preview will be celebrated with a live show from the STAN BRECKENRIDGE TRIO at the Museum’s rooftop. Stan Breckenridge (vocal, piano) is going to perform with Tolek Lisiecki (double bass) and Wiesiek Jamioł (drums) from the Jazz Band Ball Orchestra from Kraków. The programme for the evening brings a selection of jazz and American evergreens.

Curators: Joanna Kinowska, Paweł Bąkowski

The title of the exhibition “Gordon Parks: I Use My Camera as a Weapon” is inspired by a quotation from his première and seminal book “A Choice of Weapons”. The title is the key to his life philosophy and it has to do with choosing your tools precisely in order to reach your goals. It also refers to a form of activism and the struggle for social equality.

What was he likes as a photographer? How did he select his subjects? What was his approach when photographing people and how did he treat his subjects? The exhibition features a selection of eighty photographs by Parks. Some of them are iconic, some are lesser known.  As a photographer, he was first of all a humanist, a concerned human being. “I had chosen my camera as a tool of social consciousness. Common sense told me I had to have a sufficient understanding of what was right or wrong, otherwise that camera could eventually become my own enemy.”

Gordon Parks

The artist may be considered the true incarnation of the American myth of a self-made man. Born as the fifteenth child of Mr. and Mrs. Parks, he had to fight for survival, for jobs, for means to support his family, and finally he fought for African American civil rights. He lived 93 years and witnessed change, both on a macro and micro scale. Pathos is unavoidable when speaking about the first black photographer to be hired by such magazines as Life or Vogue. He was a writer, a poet, a composer and a Hollywood director. He published several memoirs, in which he stressed the importance of becoming a “somebody”: a rightful citizen of the United States, a respected man, but also respectful of other people.

Organisers: the Zachęta National Gallery of Art, the Gordon Parks Foundation

Sponsors: the Embassy of the United States of America to Poland, the Consulate General of the United States of America in Kraków.

8th Wrocław Good Beer Festival and 14th Wrocław Brewers’ Workshops

Beer lovers, beer industry enthusiasts and beer travellers are in for a massive treat throughout the Good Beer Festival to be held from  9th–11th June at the Wrocław Stadium.

  • Friday: 16.00 – 23.00
  • Saturday: 12.00 – 23.00
  • Sunday: 12.00 – 20.00

Participants will be able to sample hundreds of carefully selected draught and bottled beers. The festival also celebrates home-made beer and its producers, both experienced brewers and total beginners. Wrocław Brewers’ Workshops provide a great opportunity to join a workshop, attend a lecture or exchange expertise.

Beer Tourism Zone features a variety of places that celebrate beer: museums, breweries open to visitors and brasseries offering a fine dining experience.

Festival programme:


  • Hundreds of draught and bottled beers in a variety of styles from best breweries in Poland and elsewhere
  • Festival Beer Première from Browar Warsztat Piwowarski
  • A première of the Wrocław Home-made Beer Grand Prix 2016 winner
  • Breweries from Wrocław and the vicinity
  • Beer premières featuring attractions for the public.
  • 14. Wrocław Brewers’ Workshops
  • Home brewing shows
  • Beer tasting and other seminars
  • Beer bloggers zone



  • Beer cooking shows
  • Workshops and food sampling


A special business zone that brings together breweries, restaurants, brewery  and licensed restaurant equipment producers, professional market stall and catering carts produders, as well as malt, hop and yeast producers, etc.


Best tourist destinations for beer and brewing enthusiasts in Poland and Europe.


  • Live music stage featuring emerging and intriguing musicians
  • DJ stages


  • Food Trucks
  • Italian restaurant stands
  • Chillout Zone

exhibitions / competitions / market

Organised by the “Zamek” Culture Centre