About the Hotel

Hotel Lothus: A Gem in the Heart of Wrocław

When talking about a hotel in the center of Wrocław, it’s hard not to mention Hotel Lothus. This architectural gem, situated in the very heart of the Old Town, has been popular for years among tourists and business travelers visiting the capital of Lower Silesia.

The building housing Hotel Lothus features a unique and tasteful facade that beautifully blends with the nearby townhouses of Wrocław’s Old Town. The hotel is part of the Historic Hotels of Wrocław network, which evoke the past while being modern and highly functional. It offers many amenities that ensure an attractive stay, whether you are exploring Wrocław with your family or visiting the city for business purposes.

Comfortable Rooms

Hotel Lothus, with its rich and intriguing history, offers an excellent value for money. Guests can choose from 76 rooms, including single, double, and family rooms with separate bedrooms. Stylishly and elegantly furnished, they provide comfort for both relaxation and work. Each room features free Wi-Fi, high-standard amenities, and pleasant color schemes that create a welcoming atmosphere. The hotel is equipped with an elevator and various amenities for disabled guests.

Excellent Cuisine and Relaxation at the Wellness Center

A significant convenience for hotel guests is the Lothus Restaurant, which serves delicious breakfasts included in the price, as well as lunches and dinners. The availability of parking is a crucial convenience offered by the hotel. Finding parking spaces near the Wrocław Market Square can be challenging, making a hotel with parking a highly desirable and convenient option for guests.

For guests seeking relaxation and rejuvenation after active days, the Satina Wellness Center is available. Hotel Lothus is an excellent place for comfortable accommodations. Additionally, the Wrocław Market Square looks exceptionally beautiful in the evening, making it worth taking a peaceful walk before retiring for the night to enjoy the unique scenery.

The 24-hour reception, along with the friendly, competent, and helpful staff, ensures that guests eagerly return to Hotel Lothus in Wrocław. It is a unique place where you can experience the atmosphere of bygone years in comfortable conditions while enjoying your stay in the capital of Lower Silesia.

History in Every Corner

The site where Hotel Lothus stands has hosted inns and taverns since the Middle Ages. Until 1903, the house Pod Białym Bocianem was located here. The grand townhouse, now home to Hotel Lothus, was built in 1903. Initially, it housed the Deutsches Haus Hotel, which was a significant landmark in the city for many years. During World War II, the building survived as one of the few in the very center of Wrocław’s Old Town.

For many years, the hotel belonged to the Wrocław University of Technology and served as an assistant’s house. It also hosted foreign guests of the university. In 1992, the building was leased from the university and became Hotel Sajgon. The hotel restaurant gained a unique character by serving oriental cuisine. In 2006, a new tenant took over the hotel, and after extensive modernization of the hotel, restaurant, and conference room, Hotel Lothus began operations.

Want to learn more about our history? Check out our blog, where we regularly publish interesting facts about the hotel’s history.

A Location That Delights

Hotel Lothus in Wrocław, at 22/23 Wita Stwosza Street, is a charming and stylish establishment with its prime location being one of its greatest assets. Situated in the very center of the capital of Lower Silesia, it offers easy access to the city’s most exciting attractions, popular with tourists. The proximity to the Main Railway Station further makes this hotel a convenient choice for guests visiting Wrocław. Hotel Lothus and its strategic location are attractive for business clients who can relax and explore the city during work breaks, discovering its major attractions.

The convenient location of Hotel Lothus ensures that the most valuable monuments of Wrocław are within walking distance in the oldest part of the city. For those planning a weekend getaway in Wrocław, a family trip to the capital of Lower Silesia, or a business trip, Hotel Lothus is an ideal choice.

Tourist Attractions Nearby

Market Square

One of the most charming places near Hotel Lothus is the Wrocław Market Square. The proximity of the Market Square allows guests to fully enjoy the city’s charms. Within a few minutes’ walk, you can reach the main tourist attractions and numerous restaurants in Wrocław’s Market Square. The vibrant and beautifully designed townhouses encapsulate the city’s life, combining a historical and cultural feast with a touch of entertainment. A walk through the lively Market Square and the small streets branching off from it allows you to feel the atmosphere of historic Wrocław and spend a pleasant time. If you plan to stay in Wrocław near the Market Square, Hotel Lothus is the ideal choice, making it a great family hotel. The Wrocław Market Square is one of the most popular places to visit during your stay in this magical city.

Ostrów Tumski

A few minutes’ walk from the welcoming Hotel Lothus is the oldest and definitely worth visiting part of the city, Ostrów Tumski. The incredible and well-preserved sacred art monuments will be a treat for history enthusiasts. A walk through Ostrów Tumski allows you to travel back in time and brings a lot of joy.

Dominican Square

Next to Hotel Lothus is the historically fascinating Dominican Square, which is actually a street and often overlooked while exploring the city’s attractions. It is definitely worth including in your sightseeing plan. Once compared to Venice, this area connected the Oława River with two bands of city fortifications, and a network of bridges allowed crossings, creating a charming corner of old Wrocław. In later years, in 1587, Laurientus Scholz created a fantastic Renaissance garden here. This kingdom of oriental plants was considered the first botanical garden in the city’s history. Dominican Square lay on the Amber Road, precisely at the intersection of its main roads. From the beginning of Wrocław’s existence, it was associated with the Dominican monastery, brought from Kraków by Czesław Odrowąż. Until the 19th century, medieval timber-framed houses stood where Galeria Dominikańska now operates. On this street, you can still admire the small church of St. Christopher. Until 1945, it was a gathering place for the Polish population. It is worth taking a walk through Dominican Square and stopping by Galeria Dominikańska for some shopping or to admire the building itself, which has been awarded by the Association of Polish Architects for its architecture.

Racławice Panorama

The convenient location of Hotel Lothus in Wrocław favors visiting the Racławice Panorama with its monumental work or the baroque Aula Leopoldina, located a few hundred meters away. A pleasant walk from Hotel Lothus brings you to Park Słowackiego and Park Staromiejski, which offer a refreshing retreat on warm days. These are among the many green corners of Wrocław that this exceptional city can boast about. The excellent location of Hotel Lothus in Wrocław makes it easy to explore the city’s major attractions and the most important monuments on the map of the capital of Lower Silesia.

A Culinary Paradise in the Heart of Wrocław

Hotel Restaurant

For guests arriving at the hospitable Hotel Lothus, the on-site hotel restaurant is a significant convenience. This is particularly important for those looking for comfortable accommodation with breakfast. For those who appreciate excellent cuisine, our hotel offers exceptional breakfasts in Wrocław’s Market Square. The breakfasts served here are very tasty and healthy, composed of the best quality products. They will delight even the most discerning palates. The Wrocław Market Square is a great place to start your day with a hearty meal that provides the energy for walks and exploring the city. Breakfasts at the Lothus Restaurant, served in a convenient buffet style, are included in the room rate. In addition to breakfasts, the restaurant offers delicious lunches and dinners, with alcoholic beverages available upon request. The restaurant is prepared to welcome the youngest guests, offering a special menu, which is crucial for families traveling with children. This spacious and tastefully decorated place is popular not only among hotel guests.

Wrocław Restaurants

The Wrocław Market Square, located near Hotel Lothus, is full of atmospheric restaurants and cafes worth visiting during your stay in the city to enjoy exceptionally delicious meals. Be sure to try the specialties known in Lower Silesia. Renowned Wrocław restaurants can also be found in the streets adjacent to the Market Square. Food lovers and those seeking original flavors will have a true feast here. From elegant restaurants to street food offering vegetarian specialties and traditional borderland cuisine, excellent pizza and sushi, and classic Polish dishes. The choice is vast, and everyone will find something delicious on the menus offered by the restaurants. The proximity to the Wrocław Market Square and the city’s main attractions allows you to savor exceptional dishes, enhancing and enriching the guests’ experiences.

Investments and New Plans   

Hotel Lothus in Wrocław is part of the Historic Hotels of Wrocław group and is an architecturally attractive establishment. The ambiance of bygone eras, smoothly combined with modernity, contributes to the unique appearance of Hotel Lothus Wrocław. The passage of time and the desire to introduce a higher standard of use have led to the planning of a modernization project. Hotel Lothus is under the protection of the City Conservator of Monuments, so the renovation works are meticulously planned and aligned with the building’s character, according to conservation guidelines. The restoration of the unique and highly original facade of the hotel building is planned, including the reconstruction of the characteristic towers, which are a distinctive ornament. Upon completion of the work, guests of Hotel Lothus will have access to 113 luxuriously and comfortably equipped rooms and suites.

With attention to detail and care for the smallest details during the renovation, Hotel Lothus will regain its former glory, combined with modernity. This will enhance the level of services and guest comfort. More information about our investment plans and attractive special offers can be found on our special offers page.

Seamless Transportation

Hotel Lothus, thanks to its exceptional location in the heart of the capital of Lower Silesia, is a highly attractive destination for numerous tourists visiting the city. The proximity to the Main Railway Station makes reaching our facility extremely simple. For guests arriving by car, we offer parking spaces at the entrance and a parking lot located about 100 meters from the hotel, at Nowy Targ Square. Guests also have easy access to public transportation, ensuring quick and hassle-free travel to every corner of the city.

Excellent transportation connections (bus and tram network) at the nearby Dominican Square, a major transport hub in the city, facilitate access to attractions located slightly further from the hotel. The central part of Wrocław, with its frequent public transport services, provides efficient travel to/from Wrocław Airport. Most interesting and worth visiting places in Wrocław are within a few minutes’ walk from Hotel Lothus.

Reservations and Contact

If you are looking for a hotel in the center of Wrocław that combines historical ambiance with modernity, Hotel Lothus is the place for you. The atmosphere in the hotel, stylish interiors, comfortable rooms, and the option to use the hotel restaurant contribute to the excellent conditions offered by the hotel. It is a perfect accommodation choice for a family trip, a romantic weekend getaway for two, or a business trip. Interested individuals can make reservations by calling +48 71 773 20 00 or +48 71 793 13 50 using the 24-hour reception, or by writing to the email address: Group reservations can be made by calling +48 71 793 13 50 or emailing:, lub We encourage you to conveniently make reservations through our website or contact us directly.